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Feb 2

Moi Rosé Rosé 2017

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Moi Rosé

Notes by Tom

Made from Cabernet Franc grown out in West Auckland the wine offers a nice change of pace in the ever increasing Rosé market without sacrificing any of the key elements that have led to Rosé’s success of late. The wine’s light shade of pink is the first step in enticing you in, and upon opening the bottle you’re presented with more reasons to enjoy. The fresh fruit characters of the wine tend towards apple & red berry and the moderate acidity is tempered by a luscious mouthfeel. An ideal wine for the months ahead. Enjoy with salads, seafoods & summer!

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Moi Wines

My Own Invention, by young up and coming winemaker Renée Dale is a limited edition run of Cabernet Franc and Viognier. The brand has been built to offer Renée an outlet to express the knowledge and passion she has built up over nearly a decade making wine across the world from Europe to California, Australia and here at home. The wines are an extension of this passion and show some of the lesser known varieties planted in New Zealand which certainly deserve our attention. With such exclusive runs it’s a privilege to share them through Onvine and we look forward to what’s to come in 2015.

Wine Description


The appealing pink style of wine that is perfect for the summer months. Rosé's are typically made from the juice of red grape varieties which, when their juices are pressed from the berries, retain traces of colour from the skins amongst the naturally clear juice inside.
The wines produced give the drinker the best of both worlds; a lovely fresh wine with the flavours of the red varietal.

Region Description


The Auckland wine growing region comprises of a number of small wine growing regions all separated by the large population centre the city has become. To the south Clevedon produces wine from Bordeaux & Italian varieties. To the west, Kumue & Waimauku have been making wines since for generations. To the East, Waiheke has become a popular tourist spot for it's Boutique reds and inviting cellar doors. Finally to the North, Matakana has been growing a number of varieties with interesting Italian wines the best examples. So, if you're in the Auckland CBD and looking to head out of town for a vineyard visit we have you covered in all directions!

New Zealand

New Zealand wines have become all the rage over the past two decades led primarily by the Sauvignon Blanc craze. Gone are the days of Muller Thurgau dominating as New Zealand’s most popular variety. In it’s place there are now over 20,000 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc planted in New Zealand. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Bordeaux and Rhone Blends are of high quality also but pale in volume comparison to that of Sauvignon Blanc.
The country is known for it’s cool climate wines which stand out with clean fruit flavours and fresh bursts of acidity. The NZ wine industry has a lot to thank the dairy industry for as it’s use of stainless steel tanks and refrigeration technology has been adapted to winemaking and created superb results, accentuating the wine characteristics mentioned above.