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Feb 2

Pencarrow Pinot Noir Pinot Noir 2016

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Pencarrow Pinot Noir

Notes by Tom

The best value Pinot Noir in town in our opinion. A wine that offers a great insight into the Martinborough Pinot’s. Elements of fruits, minerality and earthy aromas in equal measure. Delicious!

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Palliser Estate

Palliser Estate, so named after Cape Palliser on the southern tip of the North Island, was established in 1984 just after the first wave of plantings in the Martinborough region. Over the years it has steadily grown its international reputation with excellent examples of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Now covering 92 hectares Palliser is one of the largest wineries in a very small region. Allan Johnson is celebrating his 25th vintage at the helm as Chief Winemaker in 2015 and this consistency has shown through in steady year on year improvement in the wines across the board.

Wine Description

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of the trickiest varieties to master. Its distinct, perfumed aroma is something that has spellbound wine drinkers for centuries and attempted to be replicated across the world. The Cotes du Nuit in Burgundy is the heartland of the variety and shows the variety at its best with a perfumed nose and luscious red fruits, sweet spices and smokey notes. As with all top French varieties the New World winemakers have tried to replicate the qualities of Red Burgundy. New Zealand and the USA have had the best success with Martinborough & Oregon singled out early on as prime locations for emulating this sought after wine. Recently, Central Otago and Californian wines have shown some real quality also. If you get the chance to experience a Burgundy from a Grand Cru vineyard, grab it!

Region Description


Martinborough is the primary region of the Wairarapa and has garnered international acclaim for its Pinot Noir. It is very much a boutique region with 3% of New Zealand’s vines and only 1% of its production. Quality is high across the board due to yielding less wine from more vines. The grapes coming off the vines have great depth of character and show through in the bottle.
The region was planted in 1980 after it was ascertained that the conditions were so Burgundian in nature that it must be the perfect spot to strive to perfect Pinot Noir. They were right.


Over the hill from Wellington, The Wairarapa region benefits from the protection of the Tararua and Rimutaka Ranges. All the rubbish weather that hits the west coast of central New Zealand is stopped in its tracks by these hills and morphs into long sunny summer days which allow the grapes ripen to full effect. The cool evenings also help by keeping the acidity levels up whilst the grapes ripen and sugars increase. Without this geographic impact our wines would turn flabby and decidedly Australian!
This region is Pinot Noir country but you will also find great Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs and Rieslings, among others, emanating from the area.