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Did you know there are over a million winemakers in the world? Did you know that US state of Arizona has started producing wines that are giving the Napa Valley a run for its money? That a dusty sliver of the Gobi Desert has been turned into vineyards and dubbed China’s Bordeaux?

At Onvine, we’re all about exploring the new, interesting, quirky, different and unknown corners of the wine world.

We’re constantly trying new wines (yes, it is indeed tough work) and sifting out the ordinary to bring you only those that are worthy of your discerning palate.

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Feb 2

BBQ Companions

Wines for the summer soiree

  • Lake Hayes Pinot Gris

    Lake Hayes Pinot Gris

    2017 Pinot Gris
    Amisfeld, Central Otago

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  • Moi Rosé

    Moi Rosé

    2017 Rosé
    Moi Wines, Auckland

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  • Te Kairanga Chardonany

    Te Kairanga Chardonany

    2014 Chardonnay
    Te Kairanga, Martinborough

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  • Sticks Cabernet Sauvignon

    Sticks Cabernet Sauvignon

    2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
    Sticks, Yarra Valley

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  • Pencarrow Pinot Noir

    Pencarrow Pinot Noir

    2016 Pinot Noir
    Palliser Estate, Martinborough

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  • Te Mata Estate Syrah

    Te Mata Estate Syrah

    Te Mata, Hawke's Bay

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Collection Notes

The 2017/18 Summer has had it all so far with some beautiful weather mixed in with some wet & wild moments. However, the traditionally settled month of February is now here and we can start planning some BBQ evenings with assurance the weather will play ball.
A good Barbecue must be matched with great wine and so this month we’ve put together a collection of wines that will complement the juicy steaks, zesty salads and grilled vegetables that will be enjoyed in the evening sun.
Bold reds from around the world plus a couple of favourites from home show off plenty of flavour and will hold their own with what comes off the grill.
Ditto, the white wines selected. Each should elevate what’s on the table and provide plenty of flavour and enjoyment through what we hope will be a warm, dry February!

Tom , January 30th 2018