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Onvine.co.nz provides a unique, personalised platform to help develop your interest in wine through a range of interactive features.

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Our offer
  • Onvine is committed to offering its members an honest and independent service. Members can rest assured that each and every wine offered to them will be done so purely in the interest of providing them with a fantastic experience.
  • Discover more about the wine and its provenance; each wine has its own page with notes detailing region, producer, food matches, variety and much more. You can rate and review the wines for yourself at any time. The “My History” page displays a summary of your tastes, making it easy to decide what should be on the menu for the next special occasion.
  • Order additional cases or gift wine at your own convenience, all at the touch of a button. Prices are all inclusive, so there are no hidden delivery charges or transaction fees.
  • In addition, we can cellar additional purchases for you, completely free of charge. Your "My Cellar" page will assist you to build and manage your own personal cellar without having to worry about storage or security.
  • No minimum term applies so you are able to stop or restart your membership at any time.

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“I have spent the past decade in a love affair with wine. It began while serving over 300 different wines in an Italian wine bar in Edinburgh, Scotland and continued through the hands-on experience of making wines in the cellars of great Auckland and Martinborough wineries. I’ve sold wines across Asia and managed to see a little of the vast world of wine throughout my travels. However, wine is a neverending experience with new wines constantly popping up from unique places. I intend to continue the journey and hopefully bring some of you along for the ride. Wine shouldn’t be difficult; hopefully this site makes it easy.”
Tom Howard tom@onvine.co.nzTom Howard, AIWS, has been in the wine and hospitality industries for his entire working career: selling, serving and making wine. Tom is now an Associate of the Institute of Wines & Spirits after completing his Diploma of Wines and Spirits in 2010.
“My love for wine began when I was a waitress during my university days, and that's where I first developed a taste for my one true love, champagne. It was there I developed an understanding about food and wine together, and was always tasting, sniffing, and trying to learn as much as possible. Since becoming a food writer I get to write and learn about wine by default, and for that I count myself lucky. With Onvine, I love that it's passive education - well-selected wines you can taste and learn about and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. ”
Delaney Mes delaney@onvine.co.nzDelaney Mes is a freelance food writer, and a judge on Metro magazine's Restaurant of the Year awards. She writes recipes for the NZ Herald, and on her website delaneymes.com

Onvine has come about from a desire to provide easy access to great wines. The world of wine is huge and varied; we often miss the opportunity to taste many great wines either because they are difficult to access or because they are too obscure to recognise.

Onvine will give you the opportunity to experience great wines from across the world; some you will have never heard of and some may not be quite your cup of tea but you’ll be able to enjoy trying them, rating them and learning more about wine along the way.

Onvine.co.nz is owned and operated by Tom Howard, a proud Kiwi who has a strong passion for the wine industry and the stories behind each wine. Tom will be personally selecting the wines of each themed monthly collection. However, from time to time, special guests will be invited to create their own collections, adding some unique perspectives to the experience. The idea of Onvine’s collections is to offer you a new viewpoint on wine every month and to build a strong foundation from which to develop a genuine knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the wines that so many of us enjoy.

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One click and you’ll have all the information you need; the wine itself, the winery, the region, not to mention suggestions on food matches, from lazy takeouts all the way through to Michelin starred recommendations!


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Every collection will be accompanied by notes that will provide you with a little more information on the particulars of each wine and interesting tidbits on what makes the wine so special. We provide you with the basics and then let you form your own opinion, adding your own notes on first impressions or personal judgements.


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This month's collectionBBQ Companions

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Feb 2

BBQ Companions

Wines for the summer soiree

  • Lake Hayes Pinot Gris

    Lake Hayes Pinot Gris

    2017 Pinot Gris
    Amisfeld, Central Otago

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  • Moi Rosé

    Moi Rosé

    2017 Rosé
    Moi Wines, Auckland

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  • Te Kairanga Chardonany

    Te Kairanga Chardonany

    2014 Chardonnay
    Te Kairanga, Martinborough

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  • Sticks Cabernet Sauvignon

    Sticks Cabernet Sauvignon

    2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
    Sticks, Yarra Valley

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  • Pencarrow Pinot Noir

    Pencarrow Pinot Noir

    2016 Pinot Noir
    Palliser Estate, Martinborough

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  • Te Mata Estate Syrah

    Te Mata Estate Syrah

    Te Mata, Hawke's Bay

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Collection Notes

The 2017/18 Summer has had it all so far with some beautiful weather mixed in with some wet & wild moments. However, the traditionally settled month of February is now here and we can start planning some BBQ evenings with assurance the weather will play ball.
A good Barbecue must be matched with great wine and so this month we’ve put together a collection of wines that will complement the juicy steaks, zesty salads and grilled vegetables that will be enjoyed in the evening sun.
Bold reds from around the world plus a couple of favourites from home show off plenty of flavour and will hold their own with what comes off the grill.
Ditto, the white wines selected. Each should elevate what’s on the table and provide plenty of flavour and enjoyment through what we hope will be a warm, dry February!

Tom , January 30th 2018