Onvine’s Monthly Collections

Onvine.co.nz provides a unique, personalised platform to help develop your interest in wine through a rnge of interactive features.

Sign up to one of our monthly collections to enjoy wine delivered to your door and all the benefits the website offers. We provide a background on each wine's provenance, let you personally rate each wine, add your own private notes and purchase more of your favourites at special prices.

  • Onvine is committed to offering its members an honest and independent service. Members can rest assured that each and every wine offered to them will be dones so purely in the interest of providing them with a fantastic experience.

  • Discover more about the wine and its provenance; each wine has its own page with notes detailing region, producer, food matches, variety and much more. You can rate and review the wines for yourself at any time. The "My History" page displays a summary of your tastes, making it easy to decide what should be on the menu for the next special occasion.

  • Order additional cases or gift wine at your own convenience, all at the touch of a button. Prices are all inclusive, so there are no hiden delivery charges or transaction fees.

  • In addition, we can cellar additional purchases for you, completely free of charge. Your "My Cellar" page will assist you to build and manage your own personal cellar without having to worry about storage or security

  • No minimum term applies so you are able to stop or restart your membership at any time.